Lysera enjoys exploring her land on horseback with its lush green valleys and ancient forests. She can cover a great deal of ground on her horse, Princess Grey Dawn, traveling at 9 km/h. Unfortunately Lysera has allergies. How far would Lysera and Princess Gray Dawn have moved while Lysera’s eyes were shut for 0.50 s during a hard sneeze? (answer in kilometers)

Accepted Solution

Answer:0.00125 km.Step-by-step explanation:Given,Speed of the horse on which princess travelling, v = 9km/hTime taken by Lysera to sneeze = 0.5 sAs we know      1 hour = 3600 seconds[tex]=>\ 1\ second\ =\ \dfrac{1}{3600}\ hour[/tex][tex]=>\ 0.50 second\ =\ \dfrac{1}{3600}\times 0.50[/tex]                              [tex]=\ 1.38\times 10^{-4}\ hour[/tex]So, time taken by Lysera to sneeze can be given by,[tex]t\ =\ 1.38\times 10^{-4}\ hour[/tex]According to definition of speed,[tex]Speed\ =\ \dfrac{distance}{time}[/tex]=>distance = speed x time                   [tex]=\ 9\ km/h\times 1.38\times 10^{-4}\ hour[/tex]                   = 0.00125 kmHence, Princess Gray down will moved by 0.00125 km.